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Ayli is a consumer data marketplace that enables companies to ethically and legally pay people for access to their data.

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Increase Conversions

Each time you have to ask someone to fill out another form field it reduces your conversion rate. Your customers hate doing it and you’re losing money.

Instead have them give you one simple piece of information such as their email, name, or phone number. We then take that and give you a complete picture of your customer by using our enrichment service.

Create Personalized Experiences

According to top consulting firm McKinsey, personalization can increase revenue by up to 10-30%. Despite this only about 15 percent of CMO’s surveyed feel their company is on the right track with personalization efforts.

Give your company the edge it needs by using our enrichment services. Let us help you personalize your product so your customers keep buying from you now and into the future.

Understand your customers

See the full picture from the start, so you’re prepared to reach the right people, make great first impressions, and nurture relationships throughout their lifecycle.

Data The Way You Want


Fresh And In Real Time

Rely on fresh and accurate data with our marketplace. By getting data directly from people we can supply it quickly and know when anything changes instantly.


All The Attributes You Need

Having a limited view of your customer is frustrating. Get all the details you need such as email, phone, address, age, annual salary, number of kids, marriage status, and interests to name a few.


Built For The Modern Business

By combining our data sets and deep learning algorithms, you’ll have all the information you need to convert customers and grow your business.

Easy to use

One of the biggest problems with the data brokering industry is the inaccuracy of the information they provide. Many receive their information in unreliable ways or from middlemen that just want to make money.

By getting data directly from people through our data marketplace you go straight to the source. You never have to worry if the information is accurate or high quality.

Ethically Enrich Your Consumer Data

Other data companies collect information from people without their explicit permission and then sell it for profit.

By choosing us you’re choosing to raise the ethical standards of your company.

Stay Data Compliant

GDPR and other data privacy laws are making it difficult to keep collecting and using consumer data. We’re here to help.

Each person that has signed up for Ayli has given permission for us to sell their data through our marketplace. Feel confident knowing each data point we give you is fully compliant.

Help People Take Control Of Their Data

Data companies have been profiting from selling people’s personal information without their permission and without giving them anything in return for too long. We want to put a stop to it.

Our mission is to give people control of their personal information and the ability to be paid for it if they choose to share it.

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